Animals in Motion Mounting Process
My customer wanted me to produce a three way mounting system for him to use for his trophy Elk. First I place a normal hanger on the back board, a small slit would later be made in the leather to accommodate this method to mount on the wall.  Then I  added the mounting pedestal system for a free standing mount that would swivel 360 degrees. At this point it could also be placed on a wall using my quality steel lasered, powder coated, and artistically fashioned ANIMALS IN MOTION SWING ARM 

These photos are a step by step procedure of  creating a simple way of mounting a pedestal mounted, or wall mounted animal using ANIMALS IN MOTION SWING ARM AND PEDESTAL SYSTEMS.

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I first start out by attaching the level-rite post to my work bench.

1. After securing the level-rite to the work bench, use a small amount of WD-40 on the post to help slide the pieces together and ease in the swiveling motion.
2. Use a marker to draw where the center point of the mount plate will be in the brisket area. You should over size these lines slightly to be able to arrange tube in  the mounting plate to level the animal. 
3. Using a saw, cut a groove in the plywood back to accept the mounting plate tube inside the form.

This photo shows the mounting plate and one screw to temporarily attach and level the form. I recommend mounting the bottom of the mounting tube to be flush or protruding no more than 1/4" with the bottom of the brisket. (If you are using this system on a flat back board, or previously mounted animal, you should attach with the tube facing to the outside of the form)
4. shows the reason to over size the groove to be able to level your form on the level-rite pedestal. You may be off quite a bit when cutting this groove. So give yourself ample room to level your mount.
5. Once you are satisfied that your mount is level use the remainder of your mounting screws to secure the back plate. You can now fill the groove with either foam, or fiberglass  body filler. Be careful not to get material into the inner part of the tube. Until you get used to doing this step you may want to place a little tape over the end of the tube.
6. Simply rasp the excess foam and level the surface as needed.
7. Now you are ready to return your mount to the level-rite mounting base. Attach your antlers or horns, and prepare for mounting in your usual manor. As you can see, your mount will swivel in a complete 360 degree motion. Thus the name, ANIMALS IN MOTION MOUNTING SYSTEMS.
8. If your mount tends to swivel while working on it, you can simply place some stop blocks on either side of the brisket or shoulder to secure the swivel motion.  
9. Be sure to use plenty of hide paste to attach the skin in the brisket area. When you have secured the skin in the proper position, simply use a knife, and trim a small piece of skin from the mounting tub. Use staples or pins to hold in place until dry. 
10. You may want to use a small piece of plastic to keep rust from forming on the brisket of the animal if you are using the black painted level-rite. If you use a powder coated level-rite version you will not need to use plastic.
11. After your mount has dried, and you are getting ready to do your backing you may use a small amount of foam or any other medium to level and feather the plate to a smooth surface.
12. Now attach your backing of preference and you are finished! Ready to place on a free standing pedestal, or transfer onto an ANIMALS IN MOTION SWING ARM. .
How to level and attach the ANIMALS IN MOTION SWING ARM on the wall.
These photos below show the proper way to mount on a flat back, or previously mounted animal. This way you can get that animal in the exact position (even in a corner) that you have always wanted him to be looking into your room using ANIMALS IN MOTION SWING ARM mounting system. 

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